Welcome to Great Falls

Welcome to Great Falls Disc Golf. In this website you will find information for all of the Great Falls courses, local and state wide tournament information, and soon we will be bringing a league here to Great Falls, so keep your eyes open for sign up information.

We have established all of the sponsors for the Warden Park course expanstion project. We will be changing the course from a 10 hole to an 18 hole so that we can host PDGA tournaments. Feel free to check out the new course layout on this website by clicking on the Courses tab on the left, or visit our facebook page by clicking here.

You can also shop for Disc Golf equipment by clicking on the store tab. The great thing about buying your disc golf equipment from here is that 4% of all sales will be donated to help improve everyone's disc golf experience here in Great Falls.

You will also find that the 9 members of Great Falls Disc Golf Association are here to help the community improve and grow here in our home town of Great falls, so feel free to get involved, everyone is welcome to participate as much as they want. Just click on the contact tab to contact us for more information about our volunteer program. 

This website is still under construction. Please be patient as we add more info day by day. Thank you